Quick Capture

As you discover interesting content, capture it in seconds using your one-click ‘Save to Curated’ link.

Collect on-the-go by emailing content directly into Curated. It couldn’t be simpler.

Invite other contributors from your team to make it a group effort.

Collect interesting links

Effortless Editing

The editing process is completely streamlined for this style of publication. Glance over your stream of links and effortlessly assemble each issue.

Add images to make your publication even more engaging. We handle all hosting and resizing so you can focus on the content.

Quickly add links to your issues

Beautiful Publications

We have optimized the layout of Curated publications to be not only beautiful but successful. Your completely personalized publication will look the part—and perform well—from day one.

This pixel perfection extends not only to your website but to your email, too. Your stories are typeset perfectly and accompanied by bold, customized imagery that you choose.

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Powerful Analytics

Use Curated’s analytics to make each issue of your publication better than the last.

See who read what, where and how they read it, and which links were most popular overall.

Analytics are unified, so no matter where your issue was read you can see all your data in one place.

Track clicks per issue

Audience Management

Import an existing mailing list, or start afresh and grow organically.

Track your audience as it grows: subscriber-level stats and analytics show you what’s working.

Your subscribers are always yours—you can export your list at any time.

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Sponsorship & Revenue

As your reach grows, sponsorship can become a natural part of your publication. This can quickly turn it from a side project to a significant revenue stream.

Curated can handle the whole sponsorship process on your behalf. From taking sponsorship inquiries to managing your bookings calendar.

Submit a sponsorship inquiry